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Ibiganiro ku nyandikorugero:infl

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Kubijyanye na Wiktionary

This template is used on inflection lines.

(Examples are from the English Wiktionary at present)

The basic usage is:


The first parameter is the language code, second is the (plural) part of speech. Then (if applicable) the inflections, paired with the inflected forms. For example, in the Sandbox:

{{infl|en|amazina|plural|Sandboxes|irregular plural|Sandboxen}}


Sandbox (plural Sandboxes, irregular plural Sandboxen)

The second part of a pair may be blank, to add a descriptive term, such as uncountable or intransitive: on page 政治 (politics):

{{infl|ja|amazina|uncountable||hiragana|せいじ|romaji|seiji}} and
{{infl|cmn|amazina|traditional and simplified||Pinyin|zhèngzhì}}

would generate:

政治 (uncountable, hiragana せいじ, romaji seiji) and
政治 (traditional and simplified, Pinyin zhèngzhì)

The template also categorizes the entry in [[Category:(POS) mu (lang)]] if it exists, else in [[Category:(lang)]] if it exists. So the English noun computer would use {{infl|en|amazina|plural|computers}} and be automatically categorized in Category:Amazina mu icyongereza.

The language should have a code template: i.e. {{en}} is defined as "icyongreza".