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Temporary templates[hindura]

These are templates created to make it initially easier to translate entries.

The problem is that there are a number of words in Kinyarwanda that are not defined precisely as technical terms for a dictionary, or have not been decided upon.

For example, English "plural" was translated by a contributor as "jumla ya wingi". This is apparently correct (but wordy) in Swahili. Another example is that we don't know yet what the word for adjective/adjectif is? These templates allow the translations to be revised.

Others should be added as needed or useful. (Keep in mind: all 2 and 3 letter template names are reserved for language codes.)


Each entry shows the template name, the present value, and the translations. The table uses the templates themselves, so it is always up to date. The templates should be edited to be the preferred form of the Kinyarwanda term.

Terms that are used in running text (plural, etc.) should not be capitalized. Terms used as headers should be (Izina, etc.)

Note that language code templates that still have names in English are not shown here.

Templates used in running text[hindura]

Particularily the extended parameters of {{infl}}. (But not the part of speech.)

Template Present value Ikinyarwanda Français English
{{sing}} umoja singulier singular
{{plur}} bwinshi pluriel plural
{{simplified}} simplified simplified
{{traditional}} traditional traditional

Templates used in headers[hindura]

Template Present value Ikinyarwanda Français English
{{commun}} Izina izina nom commun noun
{{propre}} Izina [propre] nom propre proper noun
{{verbe}} Inshinga inshinga verbe verb
{{adjectif}} Ntera adjectif adjective
{{adverbe}} Adverbe adverbe adverb
{{related}} Related terms apparentés related terms
{{derived}} Derived terms dérivés derived terms
{{synonym}} Synonyms synonyms
{{see also}} See also voir aussi see also
{{etymology}} Étymologie étymologie etymology
{{prononciation}} Prononciation prononciation pronunciation
{{trans}} Gusemura mu ndimi gusemura mu ndimi traductions translations
{{references}} Références références references
{{external}} External links ligues externe external links
{{readings}} Readings readings
{{compounds}} Compounds compounds