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Wiktionary:Entry layout

Kubijyanye na Wiktionary

This is the documentation in English, see also French and Kinyarwanda.

Simple entry[hindura]

The simplest entry has the language name, the part of speech (izina, inshinga), and one or more definitions. The page is entered under the lower case form of the word. (Entries are not Capitalized as in the Wikipedia) Only proper names are capitalized if they are always used in the capitalized form.

# (definition)
#:''(example of usage)''

The {{infl}} template creates a line with the word and optional forms, and puts this page in the proper category.

Other languages[hindura]

Words in other languages each get their own entry. See mudasobwa, ordinateur, and computer.

If a word (with the same spelling) occurs in more than one language, the other language(s) follow Kinyarwanda, first French, then English, then others in alphabetical order by language code. So for the English word "so", which is spelled the same way as a Kinyarwanda word, there would then be a section:

== {{en}} ==
{{infl|en|adjectives|not comparable}}
# true
:''That is so.''
:''You are responsible for this, is that not so?''

See the page for so. Note that this still needs more translation into Kinyarwanda: the words "adjective", "not comparable" and the definition itself: "true". The usage examples remain in English, that is why they are there: to show the usage in English.

The template is used in == {{en}} == [[category:Icyongereza]] to help standardize the language names. == {{rw}} == [[category:Ikinyarwanda]] does work the same way if you want to use it, but ==Ikinyarwanda== is just fine.

Other headers[hindura]

An entry that used a number of additional headers, with (say) Kinyarwanda and Swedish, would have headers like this:

(definitions and examples)
Related terms
Derived terms
Gusemura mu ndimi
See also
External links
(definitions, examples, and translations of examples)
(other headers but not translations)

The language headers are always at "level 2", ==(lang)==; the etymology, pronunciation and parts of speech at level 3, ===, and the other headers at level 4, ==== under the appropriate part of speech.

Imports from the English Wiktionary and du Wiktionnaire Français[hindura]

It is useful to copy entries from both of these sources; both languages should well-represented. If when copying them you don't know enough to completely translate the definitions and other parts, add the {{translation}} tag for English, and the {{traduction}} tag for Français. This adds a note, and places the page in Category:Translation requested or Category:Traduction svp so that someone else can look at it.

The tags go after the language header, just after the wikipedia link if present.

Good lists to work from are:

Don't modify the lists; the links will turn blue as the entries are added.

Even if you know little Kinyarwanda, it is useful to copy entries that will be needed; basic words and technical words for computers, business, finance and so forth. Please don't guess at translations you aren't sure of. Translating should almost always be done by a native speaker of the language translated into, in this case Kinyarwanda.

Words from other languages (Chinese, Japanese, Swedish ...) if copied, should be copied from the English or French Wiktionaries (most languages are very well represented in the English Wiktionary), and then translated or tagged for translation. It will be much easier to find someone to translate the English definition of a basic Japanese word than to find someone who can translate from the Japanese. (Compare 漢字, hanzi/kanji/hanja, with the Japanese entry 漢字) It would be good to have a thousand or so basic words from each of the major world languages, plus other African languages.

See Wiktionary:Translation templates for some templates useful in this process.


Wikipedia y'Icyongereza 

Entries in Kinyarwanda, French, and English that have corresponding Wikipedia entries in those languages should have a "sister project link". It is done with tag {{wikipedia}} right after the language header. For French, use {{wikipedia|lang=fr}}, for English, {{wikipedia|lang=en}}.



Entries for plants and animals where the Latin taxonomic or scientific name is known can also point to the entry in the Wikispecies project. For example {{wikispecies|Panthera leo}}.